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Sophie's Stay Home Poster

"Staying home is important for people to think about right now in order for the virus to stop. I made this poster to remind people if they want this virus to stop they need to follow these instructions. I am worried that the virus won't end if people don't stay inside." -Sophie J.

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Abby's Advice for Families During the Coronavirus By Abby O.

Introduction - What is going on in the world right now
You may have heard a whole lot about something called the coronavirus already but you could still have some questions. This guide will help you understand what it is all about:Coronavirus is spread when you sneeze or cough. You have to be very careful because if you don’t cover your mouth and spread fluid to someone they could catch the disease and get very sick. It is very important that you practice good hygiene, wear protective gear, and listen to your parents. It is also important to follow these instructions with this virus going on. Right now, we have to make sure that we’re social distancing, which means not going to school and seeing people other than those we live with, and after the virus passes we can all return to school and our regular lives. 
What can I do to stay busy?- Journaling - A journal is something people write or draw and it is very good because when you are upset, down, or bored out of your mind you can write…

Cammy Chapter 1 - By Corey R.

The following is the first chapter in a story that Corey has been working on over the past couple months. Keep checking back for updates!

Chapter 1:
The sun began to rise high in the bright blue morning sky over a beautiful large forest. Trees stood almost 200 feet in height here, some even larger. On the ground, two young people were walking together slowly as they discussed the day’s plans. One was a beautiful young woman, who looked to be 20 years old, had skin the color of beach sand, deep ocean blue eyes, and long brunette colored hair that touched just above her waist. She wore a short flame orange dress that stopped at just below her kneecaps, a pair of emerald green dress shoes, and a small red flower in her hair. Around her neck, she wore a light blue necklace, which was in the shape of a diamond. Next to her, a young man, who was the same age as she was, began to talk with her. He had the same tone of skin as her, however his eyes were teal, and his hair was black and much sho…

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Great Vhs Collection Review #2: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (1993)
I know what you're thinking, “But didn’t the Narnia movie come out on dvd in the 2000’s”, and you would be half right. The good version of this story was made by Disney in 2005, but what you might not know is that before Disney got its rat hands on the classic book there was an animated version made for tv in 1993. And it is amazing in all the wrong ways. Where do I begin with this one? Not the plot because honestly its saving grace is that it actually follows the book very closely. If you read the book or watched the Disney version you basically know what happens. Where it falls amazingly short is its execution. The animation is laughably bad, with characters looking silly at best and deformed at worst. The voice acting is ether dull and lifeless or manic and over the top. Whenever the movie tries to be existing it just repeats animations and the characters either run slowly or flail their arms. …

The Haunting

The Great Vhs Collection Review #1: The Haunting (1999)(Some spoilers)

For this series appearing on Sunny All Day News I (Hannah) will review every movie in my bollovid vhs collection. I say this because right now I feel like I need to remind myself about how much I love my collection despite hating some of the movies in it, such as the horrendous reemake of the 1960s classic The Haunting.
Let me start with a little bit of context. The original Haunting (which was based on the classic novel The Haunting of Hill House) was released in 1963 and since then has been regarded as one of the greatest horror movies of all time influencing horror cinema for years to come, not to mention the fact that it is one my favorite movies in general. To put it in a metaphor, if horror movies are a religion than remaking The Haunting would be heresy. This is only more true when one watches the movie.
This film is more than just an insult to the original, it stomps all over the original, shoots it, and…

Hawaii Story by Rebecca Smith

Part 2
by Rebecca Smith

Read Part 1 here.

He said to me if I was ok.

I started to say “I am fine” Joe said if I can come in.

I began to say I have things on the beach, a lot of things, can you help me out?”

Joe said “ Sure, I will help. Let me get a bag and let the guys know I am stepping out.”

I said ok and joe came out with the bag.

Me and Joe are walking and he said ”is that a fort?”

I say “yes I made it.”

 We grabbed the things, the bedding and food and supplies in the bag.

We went back to the cabin.

As we went into the cabin I saw their music things.

Joe said “Do you want to Jam with us?” I said “OMG, Yes! Yes!”

 I said, I have food, we can eat after then we all went to sleep.

 I was talking to Joe, I was cold.

He said Ok, grab your sleeping bag and pillow and come with me.

I put you on the floor.

I began to cough.

And then Joe has to take care of me.

I said “I’m Sorry” He said, “don't be sorry, I’m here for you” and he tossed my hair.

Ethan's Anime Guide: What to Watch While in Quarantine

If you’re bored out of your gourd and have nothing to do, watch these fantastic anime that will change your life*. If something happens to you while watching these shows you cannot sue this magazine issue. Anime will help you explain it all ( it will help with the boredom, you’ll be part of the community of anime watchers, cos players, etc.).  *This blog is not responsible for any undesirable changes that may occur after viewing Anime.

10. If you want something that’s like pokemon, but completely cooler and digital you should go with Digimon: reasons why: if you like happy little creatures that transform and evolve and like to fight, go with digimon (like pokemon but virtual). Digimon is one of the best if you want to watch something more kid-friendly. The best digimon character is Greymon, fyi. 
9. If you still like things fighting with each other you should pick Beyblade the original series. It features creatures coming out of tops and animal spirits fighting each other. Creatures incl…