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What to Do in Quarantine - By Becca

Why being in Quarantine, Staying in at home? Do not be sick, do not touch your face, The distancing is six feet, because you might get germs and get sick and die, and please do not die. 
Here are some things you can do while you are home:
-You can dance at home, if you have CDs at home, do you have music at home to dance to? 
-Drawing, If you have paper and if you have crayons or colored pencils you can draw. If not, you could order some online. Here is a list of things you could draw; animals, landscapes, or if you have paints or watercolors, you can sketch out a landscape and then watercolor it and do some painting over it. 
-If you have CDs and a Karaoke Machine, pop in a CD to your Karaoke machine and sing your heart out. And if you want to sing with your friends, and be a host, use Zoom. There are plenty of Karaoke songs on YouTube. 
-If you have posters in your room, you can collect posters, if you have jewelry you can collect jewelry, if you have stuffed animals you can collect stu…
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Amanda's Spring Flower Guide

I am an artist, my name is Amanda G. I love making art, and I like to plant flowers in the spring time. I have been doing some drawings of different flowers. You can find all of these different flowers in the spring in Maine, my favorite state where I live.

I wanted to make these drawings because it reminds me of springtime. In the spring time, I go around in my neighborhood for a walk, taking pictures of my neighbors' gardens. It reminds me how much I care about all the people who have to stay home because of the corona-virus.

People can use my guide so that when they go walking in their own neighborhood, they can recognize flowers that they did not know about before. 

 #1 Lilly - I think this flower is pretty, it reminds me of memories of family.

#2 Tiger Lilly - I like the bright colors of this flower! It reminds me of night time.

#3 Dandelion - Dandelions are a pain in the butt to pull out of the ground, they come in my yard every year. I like the way that they look but I…

Sunny All Day News #16 Cover Art

Check out our latest Issue of Sunny All Day News #16: "From Home". This issue will be a little different than the previous ones. We will be updating as soon as articles are finished to our digital magazine (AKA:Blog) here: Cover art by Thy L. Nickolai D and Becca S. #sunnyalldaynews16

Dispatches from the land of Garthunder! Part I

Over the past two Wednesdays a group of highly creative individuals have been creating a fantasy realm all their own. Over the coming weeks we will be starting a series of updates from that world called "Dispatches from the land of Garthunder".

In the first installment we will give you a glimpse into a popular travel guide to the land of Garthunder. The book was discovered recently in a bin by the side of the road leading out of the city of Uramus.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the land of Garthunder!

Previous Issues Archive

For those of you who are new to Sunny All Day News, I invite you to browse the digital archive of past issues. You can view full issues of the most recent editions of our newspaper here:
Sunny All Day News has been a project of Creative Trails since 2013. Originally a project of the Art Department, as Publication Studio developed into its own program, we took on leadership (though we still constantly collaborate with them on every issue!)
Each issue has been filled to the brim with quirky, witty, and downright hilarious (I may be biased...) content. Some features to look for are film and book reviews, horoscopes, puzzles and games, fan art, satirical news reports, and many bright colors!
Enjoy the back catalog between dispatches from the current edition!

Introduction - Sunny All Day News Issue 16

Welcome to the latest Edition of Sunny All Day News! Unique times call for unique solutions;  this issue will be a updated live in the form of a blog. We hope that this format will allow us to publish the same level of material you know and love from Sunny All Day News in a more accessible way during the current global crisis.

Sunny All Day News is all about sharing our perspectives. And now, that feels more important than ever. All around the world people are feeling cut off from their communities; our social isolation measures are causing real emotional isolation as well. Together we hope we can fight back this feeling through building an online community of contributors and readers. I personally invite you to be a part of this experiment, to provide feedback and to get involved.

Our magazine is meant to embody the Good News to be found all around us. Through art and writing, we create a representation of our world that reflects what we are interested in, what we are proud of, and …