Cammy - Chapter 4 by Corey R.

Chapter 4: 


As Miles and Anne made their way to the Human World, Ben and Cammy arrived at his home and went inside. Ben gave Cammy a quick tour of all the rooms of his small home. He showed her his kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, guest room, living room, and his office space, which was really just a second bedroom. 


“I know it’s nothing fancy, but hopefully you’ll be comfortable here for now.”, Ben explained in a calm but friendly tone. 


“I do not think it needs to be ‘fancy’. I think that something simple can be just as amazing. Your home is perfect. In fact, it is one of the best places I have ever seen in many years.”, Cammy responded in her same soft, but gentle tone. 


“Really? Huh. Most people I’ve had over tell me I should move to a better place, but money doesn't exactly grow on trees ya know, so it’s been hard trying to save for something like that. It’s definitely nice to hear someone actually say I should just stay where I’m at.”, Ben explained to her. 


He wasn’t sure what it was about this girl, but for some reason so far, at least from the little time he had spent with her, he felt she was different from anyone he had ever met. This might be the inspiration he needed to get writing on his new story.


“I think you should just do whatever it is is best for you. That is how I have always done things in life.”, Cammy said, taking a seat on his couch. 


“Well, sometimes that can be a hard thing to do. Anyways, it’s getting kinda late now, even though it is Friday night. I think I’m gonna get started on my dinner. You want anything?”, Ben said as he went to the kitchen.


“Yes, I would be very grateful for some food.”, Cammy said to him. 


After the two ate they went to bed for the night. The next morning, after eating a quick breakfast, Ben and Cammy sat down to figure out the plan for the day. As they did this, however, Cammy decided that Ben seemed trustworthy enough to know who she truly was. Or rather WHAT she was. With most humans, she probably wouldn’t dare do such a brave move, but with Ben, she just knew somehow he would understand and not try to hunt her or something. 


“Ben, I took some time to think about something last night, and I believe you are ready to hear what I have to tell you before we do anything else together.”, she started to explain. 


“Cammy, relax, we’ve only known each other not even a full day yet. Life stories can wait.”, Ben said as he finished putting on a shirt. 


“No Ben, this is no life story. This is something that I feel you should know while I am staying here.”, Cammy went on. 


Ben now focused his attention on her as she continued.


“Do you recall how I told you I came from a place rather far from here? Well, that place is called The Fairy Realm. I am Princess Cammy, daughter of the great Head Rulers Jackerson and Elsie, and hopefully one day, will be the Head Ruler.  Ben, what it is I am trying to say is that I am a Fairy. I chose to hide my identity from you at first because my people have always had a rather violent history with Humans before.”


Ben was just speechless. He wasn’t sure what to say to her now. He wasn’t sure if she was stuck in a childish mindset, telling the truth, or what. He just walked to the fridge and leaned on it, taking a deep breath as he did so. Finally, he found words. 


“A real Fairy. I don’t believe this. A Fairy is living with me. What are the odds?”, he said in disbelief. 


“It is the truth. I can prove it to you as well.”, she said to him, hoping he wouldn’t do anything bad to her.


“How can you possibly prove to me you’re actually a Fairy then? I mean I’ve heard of people believing in them and everything, but this is a whole nother level.”, Ben said.


“Ben, if I was not speaking the truth, would I be able to do this?”, she asked.


Her diamond then shimmered once more, and wings came out of her back. To be sure Ben wasn’t still in disbelief, she then raised her hand slightly and a book on the table nearby began to float, before Cammy set it down gently. Ben just stared in shock. He was simply speechless.

“So you see? I really am a Fairy. And I need your help to get back to my home.”, she said. 


Ben was now convinced that she was the real deal now. But even so, how was he to help her?


“How do you expect me to help you Cammy? I mean you come from a different realm for God’s sake!” he said, shaking his head. 


“Does that mean you cannot help?”, she asked with a sad face. 


Ben took a moment to think before he responded. 


“I don’t know. I know I personally can’t get you home, but I think I know someone who might be able to help.”, Ben explained. 


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