Cammy - Chapter 3 by Corey R.

Chapter 3:

As Ben and Cammy walked to his home, little did they realize they were being watched by something. Or rather SOMEONE. A distance behind the pair was a strange glowing orb of light that quickly teleported away after seeing the two together. Back in the Elf Realm, Zoe was looking into her staff with a look of disgust as she saw the pair from her orb she had sent through the portal before disappearing.

“So, Cammy thinks she can hide in the Human World does she? Well, little does she know that I am much more intelligent than most see me as. Apprentice, come before me! I have a task for you to do.”, She said to herself as she summoned her apprentice, who kneeled before her as he arrived. He had skin that looked like stone, short hair that matched the clouds, and a suit that looked as if he was dipped in gold. His eyes were like a night sky, but lacked the shining stars that sometimes appear.

“What is it that you require of me, my dear?”, he asked in a deep voice.

“I need you to send a message to the Fairies for me: I need you to take out their Princess. Her name is Cammy, and currently she’s in the Human World. Go there with any allies you know of, track her down and remove anyone or thing that interferes in your mission. Your reward will be large if you can do this for me.”, Zoe explained sinisterly.

Most would have never guessed it, but Cammy was actually the daughter of what the Fairy Realm referred to as the Head Rulers. Similar to a king or queen, they were considered royalty by the rest of the realm, and also would refer to their children as Prince or Princess. For years now, Zoe and her fellow Elf subjects had hated the Fairies, due to years of war for control of both Realms. While the Fairies had been fighting for freedom of all mythical creatures alike, the Elves had been fighting to create a dictatorship.

Zoe’s apprentice nodded and smiled evilly.

“You won’t be disappointed my dear. Consider the task already done. But, may I ask what is the reward?”, he asked her coldly.

“You will know when the time is correct my apprentice. Now, go collect me a Princess, please.”, came a heartless reply.

With this, the Elf apprentice was on his way to the same portal Cammy had gone through. But, before he arrived at the portal, he went deep into the forest. He continued to walk deeper and deeper in until he arrived at an almost pitch black area, surrounded by nothing but dead plants and trees. He walked over to a large fallen log, and kneeled before it briefly before standing back up.

“Anne Bones…. I bid you to return to our world once more.”, he said as he placed a small gold bracelet upon the log.

The bracelet suddenly twinkled with life, and rose up into the air slowly. It glowed with a dark blood look to it before turning into a young woman. She wore shoes that looked like sand, had hair as that flowed gracefully, but looked almost transparent to the dark sky around the two. Her eyes looked like glass, only showing the color of ash as they caught the little light that hit this area of the forest. She looked as if she were an actual skeleton, but had skin over her thin frame. She also wore a long, tattered tan dress that reached her kneecaps before stopping.

“My sweet, sweet Miles. I knew you would reunite with me one day. What brings you out here?”, she asked in a gentle, yet evil tone.

“I would lay down my very spirit for you,my love. I have been given a special task by our great master and leader, Zoe: Tracking down and killing off this girl.”, Miles said as he pulled out a crystal ball he was carrying inside his suite, and showed Anne Cammy as she walked up to Ben’s home next to him.

“What threat could she pose? She is but a mere human girl. Our war is with the Fairies.” , Anne said, rather confused at what she saw.

“While she may look human, she is actually a Fairy, and not just any Fairy either: She is the Princess. If we or one of us can successfully take her down, Zoe said she has a big reward.”, Miles explained.

“Well, looks like we have a Fairy to take care of then.”, Anne said.

With that, the two walked out of the dark forest, and went into the portal to the Human World.


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