Cammy - Chapter 5 by Corey R.

Chapter 5: 


“Who?”, Cammy asked.


“My friend Amy. She’s always been really obsessed with anything relating to mythical beings like yourself, no offense.”, Ben began to explain to her.


“None taken.”, she said listening closely to what he was saying.


“It’s possible she has information on Fairies. Maybe there’s a book or something that can explain how to get you home. I can’t make any promises that she’ll have what we need, but it’s worth a shot.”, he finished explaining. 


“Is there a way to contact this Amy person you speak of?”, Cammy asked. 


“I can try to call her real quick right now. But before that, firsts things first: You need some human clothes. If Humans and your kind had a rough history before, it’s also possible people might still feel that way today. Plus, even if they didn;t kill you, you'd wind up at the circus or something if anyone else found out what you really were.”, Ben explained. 


“What is ‘the circus’?”, Cammy asked in confusion. 


“Let’s just say it’s not a place you wanna wind up.”, Ben said. He really didn’t want to waste anymore time going into detail.


As Cammy and Ben made their way to the mall in search of clothing for Cammy, Miles and Anne continued to search for them. The two were currently disguised as orbs of light, so they wouldn’t gather any unwanted attention.


“Ugh, why must they always be so.. cheery all the time. It makes my century old soul wish I wasn’t immortal.”, Anne complained.


“Hush my wife. We must stay focused on the mission. I do not like all this happiness either, but it shall all be worth it if we can find the princess.”, Miles explained. 


They floated off and noticed Ben and Cammy walking down on the sidewalk below. 


“There they are. Quickly, we mustn't lose them!”, Miles said as they dove after the duo.


Cammy, who was able to see the two orbs before Ben did, was quick to toss them aside with a small magic blast from her finger that no one saw thankfully, aside from Ben of course. Miles and Anne screamed as they went flying into a nearby bush on the other side of town.


“Whoa. What was that about?”, he asked.


“We have unwanted guests following us. They are known as Elves, and they are the most horrific thing you’ll ever encounter. I suggest we find this Amy at once and hide out there.”, Cammy explained. 


“Ok, well first we should go to my place and get you out of this outfit. Hopefully they won’t recognize you.”, Ben said.


With that, they quickly went to his home. Meanwhile, Miles and Anne had been changed into their Elf forms, and quickly got to their feet. As they looked for Cammy and Ben, they were disgusted to see them nowhere.


“Oh she is a clever one. How did she even know it was us?”, Miles said.


“I do not know, but just look at what she has done to my dress!”, Anne cried as she brushed dirt off her dress, revealing a small tear. Miles quickly covered her mouth and pulled her behind the bush, hoping no humans had seen them or heard her loud yelling.


“Quiet you fool! You will get us spotted by a human with that loudness! We must try a new idea.”, Miles whispered to her. 


“Well, how are we supposed to have the element of surprise if she knows our orb forms?”, Anne asked. 


“I suggest we find a way to blend in with the humans. Perhaps we could use our shape shifting to become them?”, Miles suggested.


“Where are we going to find humans to morph into without the others seeing the originals and us at the same time?”, Anne pointed out.

“You are right. Hmmm… maybe we should try invisibility instead. I doubt she has any way to detect that one.”, Miles explained. 


“Very well then. Let us track her down quickly though!”, Anne said.


With that, the two made themselves invisible using their magic and went off to search for Cammy and Ben.


Meanwhile, Cammy and Ben had safely made it back to his house without any further Elf incidents. As they made their way inside, the two sat on the couch, thankful to be safe. Ben then began to look for something for her to wear temporarily until they met up with Amy.


“What was that thing or THINGS you shot that beam looking thing at earlier?”, Ben asked her confused as he pulled out many different types of clothing, unsuccessful at finding anything appealing for her.


“Those were Elves, disguised in what is known as their orb forms. It allows them to travel undetected to most creatures, including humans, but most of us Faires have developed a sense for when they are nearby. See, my people have been at war with the Elves for many centuries now.”, Cammy explained to him. 


“Why are you at war with them in the first place?”, Ben asked.


“It is a long story Ben. You may want to have a seat.”, She said.


He then stopped looking for clothes and sat next to her, listening carefully as she began with her story.



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