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Ethan's Anime Guide: What to Watch While in Quarantine

If you’re bored out of your gourd and have nothing to do, watch these fantastic anime that will change your life*. If something happens to you while watching these shows you cannot sue this magazine issue. Anime will help you explain it all ( it will help with the boredom, you’ll be part of the community of anime watchers, cos players, etc.). 
*This blog is not responsible for any undesirable changes that may occur after viewing Anime.

Digimon: Greymon, Tai, Agumon

10. If you want something that’s like pokemon, but completely cooler and digital you should go with Digimon: reasons why: if you like happy little creatures that transform and evolve and like to fight, go with digimon (like pokemon but virtual). Digimon is one of the best if you want to watch something more kid-friendly. The best digimon character is Greymon, fyi. 

Bayblade: Dranzer, Kai and Tyson
9. If you still like things fighting with each other you should pick Beyblade the original series. It features creatures coming out of tops and animal spirits fighting each other. Creatures include Dragoon, Dranzer, the evil black Dranzer. These things are for all ages: kids, teens returning to nostalgic times, and for adults that have nothing better to do at the moment. 

8. Dragon Ball. If you like going on adventures with people that have powers unimaginable, that have energy beams, blasts and martial arts, go with Dragon Ball. The main character is Goku, original name, Kakaurat, he’s a saiyan, a space monkey elite warrior race that look like humans but with a tail. Bonus: If you get through Dragon Ball, go on to Dragon Ball Z!

7. If you like shows with a more developed backstory, and alchemy Full Metal Alchemist is for you. The main character Elrych and his brother Alfonse set off to find the philosopher’s stone and their father, a talented alchemist. There were two series of Full Metal Alchemist: go with the original first to compare. 

Bobobobobobo himself!
6. If you like shows that are completely random but have somewhat of a plot and are funny, the anime BOBOBOBOBOBOB* is the show for you. If you like characters that hardly make sense but are still part of the plot like the main character, Bo-bobobo with yellow afro, sunglasses, a light blue button up shirt, muscular, who fights with his nose hairs, and his friends, Don Patch, Gasser, Jelly Jiggler, Beauty, and Mr. Soften, then you’ll love this nonsensical show for pure entertainment. 

5. If you like anime with a deep plot and storyline, with characters that are easy to recognize with special powers, with a main character that comes back to life, then the show for you is YuYu Hakasho. The main character Uske comes back to life after going through a spiritual ordeal. As a spirit detective, his mission is to be the soul protector of the human realm and spirit world. 

Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy and his Gundam suit
4. If you like anime that includes giant fighting robots, people piloting them, with giant guns and beam swords Gundam Wing has everything you need, heavy artillery included. It’s like transformers on steroids. 

Saske and Naruto
3. If you like shinobi (or ninjas) the anime for you is NarutoNaruto, the main character, he wants to be Hokage, in other words, leader of his village, because he is an outcast. He also has a demon spirit fox trapped within him. To attain his goal he must prove that he can be the number one ninja in his village.Throughout his journey he has his three teammates, Kakashi hatake, Saske Uchiha (somewhat of an anti-hero) and Sakura Haruna, the love-struck ninja for Saske. 

Ronin Warriors
2. If you like Sailor Moon but are looking for something manlier, try Ronin Warriors. It has much of what you love from Sailor Moon; Magical people transforming, a quest to save the world, A cast of characters with great dialogue that will remind you of the 90’s and a whole lot more. Ronin Warrior adds elements of ancient Japan, interestingly designed magic armor, and an evil time traveling samurai. If you like samurai, and older style anime this is the perfect badass series for you.

DEATHNOTE: Light Yagami
1. If you are looking for a show with an interesting anti-hero as the main character, who is willing to do anything necessary to bring about a new world free from evil, this final anime is for you. Light Yagami is a high school student who is also a genius and a little bit out there. One day when school was over, a magic book fell from the sky called DEATH NOTE. The book grants you the power to kill any human simply by writing their name and thinking of their face. The show is interesting because of the lengths that Light is willing to go to make his new world, and there are plenty of twists and turns as Light AKA “Kira: and his rival “L” compete to catch each other first.  


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