Abby's Advice for Families During the Coronavirus By Abby O.

Introduction - What is going on in the world right now

You may have heard a whole lot about something called the coronavirus already but you could still have some questions. This guide will help you understand what it is all about:


  • Coronavirus is spread when you sneeze or cough. You have to be very careful because if you don’t cover your mouth and spread fluid to someone they could catch the disease and get very sick. 

  • It is very important that you practice good hygiene, wear protective gear, and listen to your parents. 

  • It is also important to follow these instructions with this virus going on. Right now, we have to make sure that we’re social distancing, which means not going to school and seeing people other than those we live with, and after the virus passes we can all return to school and our regular lives. 

What can I do to stay busy?

    Journaling - A journal is something people write or draw and it is very good because when you are upset, down, or bored out of your mind you can write or draw whatever you want so you will not get upset or bored or stir crazy. A journal is just like a diary, it will be your own and you can do whatever you want. You can even put a lock on it so no one else can read it. 

  • Play an instrument - If you want to play a musical instrument, you can get your frustration out, it is a lot of fun and you won’t be bored anymore. I am learning to play the ukulele, I am still a beginner but I like to play it to make me feel better.

  • Write A poem - Go look out your window or think about what you love out there, if you love the forest or the woods or space, whatever just write a poem about it. Enjoy it because it will get your boredom and frustration out of you. Hopefully you will enjoy it

  • Watch a Movie - If you want to watch old movies you haven't seen, like the old black and white movies with no sound it will get your boredom out and make you feel better. If you want to watch a long movie you can watch it and really enjoy it and it will make you happy. 

  • Read a good book - You can read books like mysteries. You can even read them online, there are apps like little reader or CloudLibrary where you can find books. It will make your day go faster and let you leave your home without going outside. My favorite book is SpongeBob Nature Pants

  • Meditate - Meditating is when you take a mat and listen to relaxing music, stretch, do yoga, exercise quietly, to help you relax and feel peaceful and good. You can do this at home in your living room, or outside on the grass. 

  • Play video games - You can play video games that you own. It can be relaxing but also take your mind off of things. It’s a lot of fun, and can provide a work out if you play wii fit or athletic games.


  • For younger kids: Drawing pictures, hand games, lullabies on phone, music, taking a walk around the house are great things to keep busy

How to stay safe when out in the community:

If you go into a store, look for markings on the floor to help know what is a safe distance to be from other people. You should wear a mask, this will help keep you safe and keep others safe as well. If there is a place to use hand sanitizer make sure you scrub your hands and get it all over until they are dry, and wash your hands with soap and water whenever you get home. 


If you have pets at home, it is not likely you’ll get sick from your pet. But if you see a cute dog on a leash that you want to pet, keep your distance. Even though animals aren’t very contagious, the owner could be sick, and so it’s important to keep your distance even from someone else’s dog. 

Safety and Social distancing - What is it, why is is important:

The Coronavirus is very contagious, and can be deadly, but follow the right instructions can keep you safe. Even though you want to be near your friends, it is important to practice social distancing, which means being careful to keep a 6 foot distance. Remember that you’ll want to hug your loved ones and friends, but it is important to keep the recommended distance for now. 

Touching surfaces that others have touched can spread the virus too, so it is important to wash your hands often and keep surfaces clean.

Having a conversation with your family member or your friend to let them know you still care about them, but reminding them that it’s safer to keep our distance right now can be helpful so people don’t feel alone. 

When in public places you should not get too close to people because you don’t know if they may be sick. This includes parks, stores, the street, or outside of a restaurant where people might be waiting to pick up their orders. 

Someone might be sick, even if they don’t feel sick. Someone who seems perfectly healthy may have it and be able to spread it. Be sure to check your temperature, and check for any symptoms you may have. 

Things that you used to be able to do, like sports games, are cancelled for now because there are a lot of crowds and people in sports, and people being close to each other may cause the virus to spread. It’s too many people in one crowd. 

If your parents are acting strangely or differently, its not your fault. They have to stay home because their work is closed, so they have to work from home, the same as your guys. Your school is closed, and you have to stay at home. They may act strangely because it’s different for them to have to be at home. 

If a parent seems upset it means that they’re frustrated because of the virus, the lock down, and feeling restless. It’s not anyone’s fault, it's just the way things are right now. 

Some tips for kids and parents:

  • Handwashing - make sure that the kids wash their hands, and explain to them how to do so: to check the temperature, have an adult check it first. your hands should start under the water, then apply soap, scrub the soap and sing your favorite song while you scrub, then rinse your hands. 

  • What does it mean to be keeping a 6 foot distance? Anyone who is a visiting family member, someone who doesn’t live with you, you should not come into contact with. For now, coming close, hugging or kissing should be careful not to do so. Waving, doing an air hug, passing a ball with gloves on, are all ways to show that you still love and care for them. 

  • Wearing masks: Kids, you have to wear a mask because it keeps germs away from other people. Everyone should wear a mask, and together we can protect each other. 

  • When you cough you should put your arm over your mouth and cough into your elbow. Do not cough without covering your mouth because you can spread germs and make others sick. When you sneeze, cover your mouth with your elbow, or grab tissues if you can before you sneeze, and quickly throw your tissues away, and wash your hands right away. 

  • If you have any questions about the virus, don’t hesitate to talk to your family members. It is very important for you to know what’s happening about safety, or whatever you want to know. 

  • When you feel like you’re coming down with something or feel sick you should tell someone or call a doctor. Don’t ignore your symptoms, that’s very important! 

Remember to remind your kids that they are not being punished when we have to stay home and not see friends. It’s because of the virus, and when everything opens back up you’ll be back at school with all your friends and teachers. And yes, you will not have to do summer school. 


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