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Cammy - Chapter 4 by Corey R.

Chapter 4: As Miles and Anne made their way to the Human World, Ben and Cammy arrived at his home and went inside. Ben gave Cammy a quick tour of all the rooms of his small home. He showed her his kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, guest room, living room, and his office space, which was really just a second bedroom. “I know it’s nothing fancy, but hopefully you’ll be comfortable here for now.”, Ben explained in a calm but friendly tone. “I do not think it needs to be ‘fancy’. I think that something simple can be just as amazing. Your home is perfect. In fact, it is one of the best places I have ever seen in many years.”, Cammy responded in her same soft, but gentle tone. “Really? Huh. Most people I’ve had over tell me I should move to a better place, but money doesn't exactly grow on trees ya know, so it’s been hard trying to save for something like that. It’s definitely nice to hear someone actually say I should just stay where I’m at.”, Ben explained to her. He wasn’t sure what…

Cammy - Chapter 3 by Corey R.

Chapter 3:
As Ben and Cammy walked to his home, little did they realize they were being watched by something. Or rather SOMEONE. A distance behind the pair was a strange glowing orb of light that quickly teleported away after seeing the two together. Back in the Elf Realm, Zoe was looking into her staff with a look of disgust as she saw the pair from her orb she had sent through the portal before disappearing.
“So, Cammy thinks she can hide in the Human World does she? Well, little does she know that I am much more intelligent than most see me as. Apprentice, come before me! I have a task for you to do.”, She said to herself as she summoned her apprentice, who kneeled before her as he arrived. He had skin that looked like stone, short hair that matched the clouds, and a suit that looked as if he was dipped in gold. His eyes were like a night sky, but lacked the shining stars that sometimes appear.
“What is it that you require o…