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The Great VHS Collection Review #3: Arachnophobia (1990)

The Great VHS Collection Review #3: Arachnophobia(1990)

I think in this first couple of reviews I have been a little harsh and negative (even if the animated Narnia movie is an ironic masterpiece), so for this one I will talk about a movie that I actually like and find is ignored in favor of Gremlins and Poltergeist in terms of suburban horror. In fact I think watching these three movies together would be a fascinating experience, the millennial scaring trilogy.

The film is about a family dealing with incredibly venomous (and one cat sized) spiders, spiders that can kill with a single bite. Naturally this is not a film for anyone who actually suffers from arachnophobia, the suspense scenes are well made and timed perfectly. Watching it as an adult it is easy to see how this scared so many people when they were kids. Looking back at it now it’s not quite as scary as it could have been, it is definitely more comedy than horror. That being said the first death is done quite well and it d…

Cammy - Chapter 2 By Corey R.

Chapter 2:Meanwhile, in a small town, a young man was just finishing his work day. He looked to be no older than 20, and had a pale looking skin tone. His hair was short and looked like the night sky. His eyes had the tone of chestnuts, almost glass looking in the bright early summer sun. He wore a charcoal looking suit which reached his waist, and a tie that looked the same as the sea. On his legs, he wore pants that looked as if he wore ash on his legs instead. His shoes matched his suit to complete his outfit. “Well, that’s a wrap people. Go home and we’ll go at this again next week.”, came the boss’s voice over his desk speaker. Upon hearing this, the man was quick to gather his belongings, and was now on his way home. These included a notebook, small bag of pens and pencils, and a thermos of which he kept his drinks in during the day.  He didn’t live very far from the office he worked at, and since it was Friday, he was in no rush for anything. But before he left, his boss stoppe…

Disease Cure Simulator Game by Brian W.