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Cammy - Chapter 5 by Corey R.

Chapter 5: “Who?”,Cammy asked.“My friend Amy. She’s always been really obsessed with anything relating to mythical beings like yourself, no offense.”, Ben began to explain to her.“None taken.”, she said listening closely to what he was saying.“It’s possible she has information on Fairies. Maybe there’s a book or something that can explain how to get you home. I can’t make any promises that she’ll have what we need, but it’s worth a shot.”, he finished explaining. “Is there a way to contact this Amy person you speak of?”, Cammy asked. “I can try to call her real quick right now. But before that, firsts things first: You need some human clothes. If Humans and your kind had a rough history before, it’s also possible people might still feel that way today. Plus, even if they didn;t kill you, you'd wind up at the circus or something if anyone else found out what you really were.”, Ben explained. “What is ‘the circus’?”, Cammy asked in confusion. “Let’s just say it’s not a place you wan…